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Datasheet and basic application circuit included at the end of this document ( 02.06. 2002 )

EM 800 is our specially featured item for clocks, equalisers and a whole lot of fun projects.
This tube is offering you a perfect amusement park for your fantasy and creativity.

EM 800, die besondere Anzeigeröhre für Uhren, Equaliser und eine Menge anderer toller
Projekte- Ihrer Fantasie sind keine Grenzen gesetzt.

Auf unserer Loetstelle.net - Seite finden Sie ein komplettes kleines Projekt für eine Aussteueranzeige mit Platine.

Preise für die Röhre finden Sie in unserer Röhrenliste
Geeignete Fassungen sind  z.B. FAS020 für Platinen- und FAS012 für Chassismontage, zu finden in der Fassungsliste


EM 800 with zero input


EM 800 with approx -4 V input


EM 800 with approx -8.5 V input, full scale


Thanks to Ray for the nice drawing and his hint on how to obtain the negative driving voltage:

I would feed it from an IC op-amp, with a negative power supply, 
as an inverting amplifier with a gain of 1,7 a +5 signal input
would make -8,5 v to the tube. The negative supply
need not have much current rating, an ICL7660 charge-pump
converter IC would do it well.
(The classic ICL7660 may not quite make -8.5 to -10 volts.)